Healdsburg Walking Tour

Any Walking Wine Tour in Healdsburg is bound to be more extensive than we suggest for most cities elsewhere. There are some 30 Tasting Rooms in Healdsburg. Several, such as Stephens & Walker or Pezzi-King make excellent wines which deserve attention. We suggest others, but without easily defensible reasons. Murphy-Goode is an example of winery from which I’ve enjoyed many wines over the years. I … Continue reading Healdsburg Walking Tour

Carmel Walking Tour

TASTE MORGAN Best all-stainless Chardonnay in the business. All the wines are well-balanced and fruity, but with a track-record for bottle-aging. PN and CH from top vyds in the Highlands. Grassy SB; wonderful Riesling. WRATH As in Steinbeck’s Grapes of …   Originally TX oil money. Own some 70 acres in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Friendly tasting room and some pretty good PN at modest prices. … Continue reading Carmel Walking Tour

Murphys Walking Tour

Wineries located around certain little towns have started to realize there is a super-additive effect to clustering tasting rooms together. It’s kind of like putting a bunch of car dealerships together ~ draws bigger crowds ~ greater than the sum of the parts. Murphys in Calaveras County is the premier example. They have been doing this very successfully now for at least ten years. The … Continue reading Murphys Walking Tour