How to Plan a Napa Valley Wine Visit

Napa Valley is less than an hour from San Francisco. It is the finest wine producing region in the world with that kind of proximity to a major metropolitan area. As such, it gets more than seven million visitors a year. Every one of which goes home thinking, “I could live here. I’d commute into San Francisco three times per week…” That’s why land is … Continue reading How to Plan a Napa Valley Wine Visit

Visiting Wineries – The Protocols

REASON TO GO Vacation visits and day trips to wine growing regions are among the top tourist attractions in California. Over twenty million visits were made in 2010. The opportunity to escape city pressures for a period of leisurely country driving is always a treat. Wineries provide depth to anyone’s experience of an area through their connection to history, climate, politics, geology, economics, psychology, biology, … Continue reading Visiting Wineries – The Protocols