Zinfandel Traditions Tour

SAUSALITO CANYON Fruit from vineyard just south of Lake Lopez. Dry farmed. 3 acres of Zin vines date from 1880. Full expression of unusual terroir. ANCIENT PEAKS Southern ranch right over the Cuesta Grade from SLO near source of Salinas River. Cool climate. TURLEY Old Pesenti Ranch. Incredibly flavorful fruit. Now owned by Helen Turley’s (Marcassin) brother, emergency physician Larry Turley from Napa. Stay: PASO … Continue reading Zinfandel Traditions Tour

Central Coast – U.S. Comparison

CHARDONNAY VS. NAPA AND SONOMA Telling apart two $10 California Chardonnays is usually a matter of quality rather than regional style. At that level grapes are very likely to have been combined across several regions. Chardonnays costing $35 per bottle retail, however, are much more likely to start revealing regional signatures. Napa, Sonoma, and the Central Coast all offer different characteristics, and separate styles. Napa’s … Continue reading Central Coast – U.S. Comparison